Great Value Family Meals

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 You can feed a family of five a nutritious and wholesome homemade meal for as little as €5 with eggs.  All the suggestions below are easy to make, satisfying and nutritious.

 Eggs have long been considered by scientists to be the best source of protein available and they also contain the correct balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help ensure your body is getting the essential nutrients it requires to stay healthy.

 Eggs are nature’s original super-food; they come in their own convenient wrapper and are very versatile.  At an average cost of just 24cent per egg, they are extremely good value for money and have an important role to play for anyone with who needs to feed their family on a budget.

 Here are five tasty dinners that are easy to make and can feed a family of 4 adults/teenagers or 2 adults and up to four children for less than €2 per person (including main dish and sides).  Click on the suggestions below for recipes or browse through our recipe collections above for a recipe to suit almost every taste.

Poached-Eggs-with-Home-Fries Poached Egg and Home Fries  – Approximate cost €5

whats_in_the_fridge_omlette What’s in the Fridge Omelette – Approximate cost €7 (Main dish €5. Green salad and bread €2)

 spanishOmletteSpanish Omelette with Spicy Homemade Tomato Salsa  – Approximate cost €7.50 (Main dish €4. Fresh salsa and salad €3.50)

 CheeseandtomatomacaroniwithhamCheese and Tomato Macaroni with Ham – Approximate cost €7.50 (Main dish €5.50. Green salad and bread €2)

 Bacon-Eggs-and-Spinach-PiesBacon, Egg and Spinach Pies – Approximate cost €8 (Pies €6. Salad and bread €2)