Crack the Code

0 Comments | 9th April 2013

Egg traceability code explained…

The EU introduced legislation which makes it easy for consumers to identify exactly where each egg they buy comes from and how it was produced.

Every egg is individually stamped with a code which makes it fully traceable back to the farm where it was produced. The guide below shows you how to read the code. It is for your added reassurance about one of nature’s most versatile foods. Look out for these markings on your eggs:

IE         = Produced in the Republic of Ireland

UK9     = Produced in Northern Ireland

The following county codes apply:

A Carlow
B Cavan
C Clare
D Cork
E Donegal
F Dublin
G Galway
H Kerry
I Kildare
J Kilkenny
K Laois
L Leitrim
M Limerick
N Longford
O Louth
P Mayo
Q Meath
R Monaghan
S Offaly
T Roscommon
U Sligo
V Tipperary
W Waterford
X Westmeath
Y Wexford
Z Wicklow