Eggs’ energy fuel Sports Champs

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Cian Lynch, Nikki Evans and Roz Purcell running with egg and spoon

Personal trainer, Roz Purcell, Limerick All-Ireland Winning Hurler, Cian Lynch and World Cup Women’s Hockey Silver Medalist, Nikki Evans, disclosed how each of them use eggs to fuel their winning performances this year.

The trio joined with Bord Bia and the Irish Egg Association to celebrate World Egg Day as part of the Bord Bia Quality Assured Eggs Campaign.

Protein-rich diets
Bord Bia Quality Assured Eggs are an important part in Roz, Nikki and Cian’s protein-rich diets. The ease of cooking, versatility and nutritional benefits of eating eggs as part of a healthy, balanced diet are not only important to athletes and fitness fans, but can help everyone enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Almost 600 Million eggs were sold in Ireland in the last year, which represents a 5.3% increase on the previous year. This can be attributed in part to consumers looking for healthy meal options that are easy to prepare at home, while eggs also represent excellent value for money.

Roz Purcell is an avid fan of cooking with eggs and said; “Eggs are a perfect addition to meals for those who are looking for a good post-workout meal. They are high in protein and can be prepared in so many ways. Not only are they ideal for after training, they are a great snack for people on the go. The best thing about eggs is that there are endless ways to enjoy them and Bord Bia have some brilliant recipes to choose from on their website.”

Eggs – fast food for work – and workouts
“I am absolutely obsessed with eggs!” commented Nikki Evans. “They are my go-to meal option for my busy schedule. I am delighted to team up with Bord Bia today to highlight the versatility and nutritional value of eggs – it’s great to get the opportunity to tell the nation that eggs are not only for breakfast, they’re perfect for lunch and dinner too!” Nikki continued.

Cian Lynch added, “Whether you’re preparing for an evening training session after a busy day at work, or you’ve just come off the field from a grueling match; all you want is something easy and quick to prepare – that is also good for you. Eggs are a great option for us athletes who are consistently training and keeping up with our busy personal and work schedules.”

Teresa Brophy, Consumer and Trade Marketing Manager at Bord Bia said, “A record number of almost 600 million eggs were sold in Ireland over the last year as shoppers buy eggs more frequently and in larger pack sizes, with twelve packs demonstrating the strongest growth. We want to continue to encourage the nation, particularly younger shoppers, to get cracking and keep eating Quality Assured Eggs. That way you know they have been produced to the highest Bord Bia quality standards and where they come from”.

As part of the campaign Bord Bia have developed a suite of delicious egg recipes and videos using Bord Bia Quality Assured eggs which are high in protein and suitable for breakfast lunch and dinner. Check out for recipe inspiration and #CrackOn and get cooking with eggs.